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We're going to work together, as a community, to make the 17th District stronger than it has ever been. In order to tackle these issues in the State Assembly, our community needs a strong, dedicated leader with experience legislating and working working on public policy.

Criminal Justice Reform

For too long we have seen our communities get torn apart due to the inequities in our criminal justice system. We need serious reforms at the state level in order to create a more equitable society for everyone. The closure of Lincoln Hills was a good start, but we're going to go even further. We're going to work on the decriminalization of marijuana, ending cash bail, creating a community-based criminal justice council, ending dangerous police practices, and ensuring that our community is not over-policed as compared to our neighbors.


We've seen that our community has been hit hard by a housing crisis. Not only do we see foreclosed homes, but we also see a lack of affordable housing. When we do see positive developments, it leads to gentrification and displacement. As a member of the State Assembly, I'm going to address the needs of our city to get the real investment we need to rehab existing housing stock, beautify our communities, and ensure that new development is meant for existing residents so the community we chose to live in isn't the one that pushes us out.

Expanding Access to Healthcare

The public health pandemic has to into perspective the need for increased access to healthcare. We need more community-based clinics, resources for those who take care of our most vital needs, and ensure that anyone who needs care can receive it. I will always call for the expansion of Medicade to ensure that healthcare is no longer tied to employment. Everyone in the 17th District should have access of care in our best of times and even in moments of the most uncertainty.

Quality of Life

When we look at other parts of our city, we see thriving neighborhoods flooded with investment and free of crime. Meanwhile, members of our community say, "other people don't live like this." Living west of the river isn't the same as living on the side side. It's time we see equal investments in our public safety, economic development, streets, schools, and health. I'm going to ensure that our public parks get the state funding they deserve and our city has the resources to pave our streets. There's no reason why our community can't get the same amount of investment as people who chose to live downtown. Safe, secure, and stable.

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