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Vote Supreme Moore Omokunde
for Wisconsin State Assembly, District 17
Vote Tuesday, November 8, 2022

I'm Supreme Moore Omokunde and I'm asking for your vote to continue representing our communities in the Wisconsin State Assembly.



I've spent my time in public service on the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors addressing the issues that matter to us the most. And now I've taken that same work ethic, experience, and dedication to the Wisconsin State Assembly.

We have a genuine opportunity to improve our quality of life, find real and honest solutions to the issues that affect us the most, and address the challenges we face. The city of Milwaukee is growing, but we're not seeing the same growth and benefits in the 17th District as we are in the rest of the city.

We need to take the next step in criminal justice reform, end reckless driving, expand access to healthcare, and find solutions to the way our housing and economic development affects our daily life.

I look forward to earning your trust and your support in the years to come.

- Supreme

Supreme and Mom, '200 Nights of Freedom'
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